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This is a constantly evolving list. If you have a "How do I" question you'd like to add to this list, or if you have a correction or other suggestion, please email Diana at so she can get it addressed. Thanks for helping to keep this page relevant and accurate!)

1. How do I contact my US Senator and US Representative?

a. You can figure out your current US Representative and US Senator by going to the US Congress's official site. Scroll down to "Current Members of Congress." Click on "Show all members." That will bring you to a screen where you can type in your exact address. The next screen will list your US Representative and US Senators. This will in turn lead you to their contact information (including phone numbers), bios, and website links (from which you can email them). All have newsletter sign ups on their websites, some on the landing page, but with all you can find it on the "Contact" page.

b. Currently Representing Sebastopol (Jan 11, 2021): Representative Jared Huffman, Senator Diane Feinstein, and Alex Padilla (just appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsomto replace Kamala Harris when she joins the White House as our new Vice President on January 20.)

2. How do I contact my California State Senator and Assembly Member?

a. To find your current California Assembly Member and Senator go to the official California website. You'll type in your exact address and that will take you to a page that lists your California Assembly Member and Senator. If you click on the website links you'll be taken to their sites, which include contact info, email subscription sign ups, and methods for emailing them.

b. Currently representing Sebastopol (Jan 11, 2021): Assembly Member Marc Levine (District 10) and Senator Mike McGuire (District 2).

3. How do I contact the Sebastopol City Council?

a. To figure out who is currently on the Sebastopol City Council, go to Sebastopol City's webpage. You can get bios, emails, and phone numbers for all City Council members.

b. Currently representing Sebastopol (Jan 11, 2021): Mayor Una Glass, Vice Mayor Sarah Gurney, and Councilmembers Neysa Hinton, Diana Rich, and Patrick Slayter.

c. The very best way to contact all City Councilmembers is to email the Asst City Manager Mary Gourley. She will automatically forward emails pertinent to City Council matters to all City Councilmembers. To make sure they are forwarded, simply include that request at the beginning of your email content: "Please forward this email to all City Councilmembers." Mary Gourley, Asst City Manager,

4. How do I sign up for email updates from my representatives?

Here are all the links: US Representative Jared Huffman (click here), US Senator Dianne Feinstein (click here), California Senator Mike McGuire (click here), California Assembly Member Mark Levine (click here), and of course our Supervisor Lynda Hopkins (click here).

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60, Sebastopol CA 95472
707 861-0032
FPPC #1430199
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