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Sebastopol Warming Center Open

Sebastopol opened a warming center this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to be contacted for future needs, please fill out the Sebastopol Warming/Cooling Center Staffing Needs form here. Thanks! 

The City of Sebastopol is still in the process of finalizing an extreme weather policy, but with a frost advisory and wind chill factor predicted to bring the temperature to below freezing this weekend, the decision was made to take action in response to the need.
It was a bit of a scramble as we tracked the weather and the news from the County, but as the day progressed weather predictions remained threatening, prompting us to make a final decision at 5pm yesterday, an hour before doors opened. With this incredibly short notice, we had no idea if the word would get out and anyone would show up. We had a surprising 11 people who came to the door seeking shelter, more than we had on any one night when we last opened a warming center, in December 2022. Seven who came on Saturday night stayed over to sleep. Four were there briefly for a bit of warmth, food, beverages, and the blankets Kadyn Schumann's team made available. Sad reality: Six of the 11 were 60 or older, with four aged 70 or older, including one 75 year old. We had 3 women, all 60 or older (60, 70, 70). 
The good news: SO many stepped up to make this happen.
Key people: Supervisor Lynda Hopkins with her funding response, our new City Manager Don Schwartz providing decisive leadership, the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center offering space and venue staff, and the amazing Kadyn Schumann of FS Global Solutions, who stepped in at 3:15pm yesterday to offer to manage the entire two night operation. And we must mention Sonoma Applied Village Services and Need a Hand, with a special shout out to Chessy Etheridge, doing active outreach in the cold last night to make sure our community members sleeping rough knew the warming center was open.

Diana Rich, Sebastopol City Council
321 S. Main St. #60 
Sebastopol CA 95472
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