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Monday November 23: It's official! The Sonoma County Registrar of Voters issued her certification last night, and I am now officially elected to the Sebastopol City Council. Hooray!! The swearing-in ceremony will be this coming Tuesday December 1st at the 6pm Sebastopol City Council meeting. Please be there to cheer me on!! Zoom Link to be added here when available.


Election Day, Before Voting Results: THANKS! In advance of tonight's voting results, I'd like to take the opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who have supported me through this campaign. I've had so much amazing help from start to finish- layout and content for the website and mailed pieces, making, installing, and hosting yard signs, addressing envelopes, sign waving downtown (and accompanying music!), donations, endorsements, encouragement, mentoring, and just plain simple conversations that helped me understand ever more deeply the wonderful people of Sebastopol. No matter the outcome, this has been an experience I will treasure my entire life. Thank you everyone. You rock!!  

Original Campaign Statement: This is a challenging time, but it is also a time for hope. The challenges are great, and they cannot and should not be denied. We need to face them head on, with our eyes wide open, prepared to do all that is needed...and more.  This town is my home, and I have absolute faith that together we can lean into this moment.... and do what it takes to make a better future for all in Sebastopol.

Sebastopol has nurtured my family and me for twenty years. The grocery stores, restaurants, and shops are familiar places that echo the small town personality I cherish. The schools hold memories of all that my children and I experienced as they grew up in this lovely, quirky town. The people I wave to in the streets each day are my neighbors and the heart and soul of my community. We are passionate and opinionated and we care about issues big and small.  We have what it takes to be creative problem-solvers, to innovate and "re-imagine" the future of our town.

I offer Sebastopol the proven leadership that is needed for these tough times. I bring people together to work collaboratively toward a realistic goal. Sustainable solutions that meet long-term needs have always been a guiding principle for me. My traits and strengths are well-known here in West Sonoma County. My volunteer resume is long, and includes Rotary, youth sports, school parent teacher organizations and foundations, youth employment, emergency preparedness, the local health action initiative, and much more. My roles have included everything from grass roots level jobs to high level leadership responsibilities. Most recently I was the Executive Director of the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, a position that I retired from in 2017. That was a job that I loved, serving the people of Sebastopol and doing my part to enrich life here in this wonderful town.

It’s time for me to give back in a new way to this town that I love – as a City Councilmember helping to lead policy and decisions that affect our daily lives. We have the mettle and the drive to face today’s challenges. Together we can get through this, and together we can make a better future for Sebastopol.

Thank you for considering me as the newest voice on the Sebastopol City Council.


"While a member of the Board of Directors of the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center I had the opportunity to work closely with Diana and was always impressed with her dedication and organizational skills. Her love and care for the Sebastopol Community was always evident. After she retired I had the privilege of sitting in her seat as the Interim Director of SCCC and saw first hand how well organized she left the Center. As further testimony to her professionalism and character, after her departure she was always available to assist in any way she could to ensure that her transition was as smooth as possible. Diana would make a great addition to the Sebastopol City Council. Derek A. Forman"


Elect Diana Rich for City Council 2020
321 S. Main St. #60, Sebastopol CA 95472
707 861-0032
FPPC #1430199
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