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Coffee with a Councilmember Starts Jan 31st!

April 30 Update: Coming up: May 29 please join Councilmember McLewis at Sarmentine, June 26 join Councilmember Neysa Hinton at Retrograde, on July 31 join Vice Mayor Stephen Zollman at Brew Brothers, and on August 28 join Mayor Diana Rich at Retrograde!  

Connecting with the community is a goal that all of us on the City Council share. We've decided to take that to heart with a Coffee with a Councilmember series that we'll start this month. 
We've chosen the last Wednesday of each month as our regular "coffee" day, 10am-11:30am. As to the locations, we want to rotate around to the various coffee houses in town. The full schedule is below. 

Here's the invitation: Come buy a cup of coffee and join the conversation at our table. Ask us questions, share your thoughts and ideas. Enjoy a Wednesday morning and some good company at one of our wonderful small, independent coffee shops. 

One or two of your elected councilmembers will be present each time. January 31 is Mayor Rich (me!). February 28 is Vice Mayor Zollman. March 27 is Councilmember Maurer. The rest we'll fill in as we go.

See you soon for coffee and conversation...

Coffee with a Councilmember Schedule (Flyer available here)
Last Wednesday of Each Month 10-11:30am
  • Wed Jan 31. Retrograde Coffee Roasters
  • Wed Feb 28. Brew Brothers Coffee Shop
  • Wed Mar 27. Coffee & Moore
  • Wed Apr 24. Taylor Lane Organic Coffee
  • Wed May 29. Sarmentine Artisan Boulanger
  • Wed Jun 26. Retrograde Coffee Roasters
  • Wed Jul 31. Brew Brothers Coffee Shop
  • Wed Aug 28. Taylor Lane Organic Coffee
  • Wed Sep 25. Coffee & Moore
  • Wed Oct 30. Sarmentine Artisan Boulanger
  • Wed Nov 20 (the week before because of Thanksgiving): Retrograde Coffee Roasters
  • Wed Dec 18 (the week before because of Christmas):Brew Brothers Coffee Shop

Coffee Houses

Jan 31 & Jun 26 & Nov 20: Retrograde Coffee Roasters, 130 South Main Street 
Feb 28 & Jul 31 & Dec 18: Brew Brother's Coffee Shop, 962 Gravenstein Highway South 
Mar 27 & Sep 25: Coffee & Moore, 6761 Sebastopol Ave 
Apr 24 & Aug 28: Taylor Lane Organic Coffee, 6790 McKinley St, #170 
May 29 & Oct 30: Sarmentine Artisan Boulanger, 6760 McKinley Street, Suite 150  

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