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Lauralee Azo - Putting Zero Waste Principles into Action

Lauralee Azo is an amazing local resident who takes the theory of zero waste and translates it into real and effective practices. That's a hard thing to do, and I say that from experience. Example: I'm standing in front of my sink with a used food container in hand, struggling to figure out whether it goes in the recycling, the compost, or the trash (not to mention whether using some water to rinse it in advance is a good or bad decision!). I admit that I've finally figured out a strategy that (I think) is good for the planet. But Lauralee has worked through that question and a ton of others having to do with recycling. She has it figured out. Lauralee coordinates and oversees the Zero Waste Shed for the 200 residents at the low-income Burbank Heights and Orchards senior housing community. Her story is impressive and inspirational. Read it here on the City website and on The Sebastopol News website

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